Lengthen Using own Hem                      

Shorten with lining                                  

Turn Ups Removed                                     

Repair Pocket (each)                               


Taper Legs/Let out (from)                    

New Hook and Bar                                   

Take in waist                       

Take out waist                     


Shorten Sleeves Lined       

Shorten Sleeves Refit Cuffs 

Shorten Sleeves unlined  

Shorten Plain                      

Shorten Rounded Hem        


Shorten using own hem                

Shorten Plain from                           




Taper inside leg from                      

Curtains Altered

Please ask for estimate


Shorten with hem tape                           



Shorten Sleeves Plain Unlined                     


 Shorten Sleeves Plain Lined   from            

Shorten Coat Lined                              

Shorten Raincoats Lined    


  Repair Pocket                           

    Coats Back Seams                   

 Coat  Side Seams take in       

                              Mens Suit Jackets

Jacket shorten                                              

Jacket Take in  Back seam                                      

Jacket take in side seams                        

 Shorten Sleeves Plain                                  

 Shorten sleeves with vents and buttons 

                              Skirts & Dresses

 Shorten Plain Straight  

 Maxi dresses unlined                     

 Shorten Flared    unlined          

  Shorten Flared lined                 

  Shorten Pleated                         

Take in Sides/Let out  Unlined 

 Re-Hem (by hand)                       

 Take in waist                                

 Re-line Half Skirt                                  

Re-line Full Skirt                           

Skirt Zips                                        

Dress Zips                                    

Dress Lengthened plain using own hem      

 Dress Lengthened with lining own hem       

Please note that I have tried to make the list comprehensive as possible:

For any other alterations please contact me on the number listed below or via email

Thank you

                            Jackets and Coats        

              Repairs                                                               POA                             

                  Shorten Coat Unlined/Lengthened   


Jacket Zips (not including zip

Shorten plain straight Lined