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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Do You Make clothes from scratch

A. Im afraid that I no longer make clothes from scratch and that I Only alter clothes


Q. Do you make curtains

A. I only alter curtains now/ although iam not taking curtains at this present time until further notice


Q. Can you remove heading tape from curtains and replace with eyelets

A. I am m unable to do this as the proper Method is to do this is by using an eyelet press and I do not own one of these


Q. Do you alter both mens and womens clothes

A. Yes , please see a link to the clothes alteration list, if you have any special requirements please feel free to discuss them with me by either

calling or email.


Q What is your turnaround time

A. I attempt to turn alterations around within a few days but during very busy periods it could be slightly longer, however if a customer is in

urgent need then please check if I have feasibility to carry out alteration at short notice.


Q. Are you able to give quotes without seeing garments

A. I can only give quotes for general alterations i.e Shortening trousers, taking in/out waist of trousers etc, but as you will appreciate I am

unable to give quotes without seeing the garments. This way the customer is aware of the exact cost of alteration.


Q. Can I just call in without an appointment

A. I have an appointment system, this way I can carry out fittings, special instruction or discuss the alterations with customers by giving them

individual time and attention.

Q do you make curtains, cushions , soft furnishing etc

A. No , i only alter garments